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Cyber Web BSidesPR Team
Cyber Web BSidesPR Team
Cyber Web BSidesPR Team

Team BSidesPR



José Arroyo

President, Obsidis Consortia

  • National Aerospace System (NAS) Defense Program (NDP)

  • Advisor: Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security

Pablo Pinna

Treasurer, Obsidis Consortia

  • Education and Training Engagement, Obsidis Consortia

  • Professor of Information Systems at National University College (NUC)

      San Juan, Puerto Rico

José Fernández

Vice President of Obsidis Consortia

  • President of CompSec Direct

  • U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Recruitment for The Association of US Cyber Forces

Ruth Silva

Secretary of Obsidis Consortia

  • Judicial Branch of Puerto Rico

Jeffrey Quinones - Diaz

Grant Specialist

  • Homeland Security and Public Affairs Professional

  • Disaster and national incident recovery

Jennifer Agüero

Director of Communications

Jorge Acevedo Canabal, MD

Medical Advisor

  • University of Puerto Rico at San Juan - at San JuanRare Disease and Cyber Risk Management Studies

  • Advisory Board, Medical Director at the Biohacking Village

Janine Medina

Director of Operations

Janine Medina
Jorge Acevedo Canabal, MD
Jennifer Aguero
Jose Arroyo
Jose Fernandez
Pablo Pinna
Ruth Silva
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