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Peter Halberg

AI for Pentesters


Peter Halberg is a cyber security researcher located in Minneapolis with a curious mind that ranges from security testing to tinkering with hardware such as Arduino. He has been in the technology field for over 14 years. After High School, Peter joined the Army as a Counterintelligence Agent, and is an Afghanistan Veteran. Once his time in the Army was complete, he went to school for computers and networking, which led to him becoming a systems administrator. After a few years working in the sysadmin field, Peter switched over to cybersecurity where he has been a security researcher for over 5 years. Peter’s current passion projects are Artificial Intelligence, file permissions abuse, web scraping, and writing his own C2 framework. His latest fun project was creating a series of free cybersecurity themed retro games on github which teach real skills. When Peter is not doing research, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing pool, learning how to not crash in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and spending time outdoors doing many different activities.


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into red team operations has revolutionized the way cybersecurity professionals approach their work. With the aim of sharing valuable insights and practical knowledge, we propose an interactive talk titled ""Integrating AI into Red Team Operations."" The talk is divided into two main sections, with the first half focusing on utilizing public AI platforms and the second half delving into building personalized AI platforms. By striking a balance between introductory content and in-depth technical knowledge, we aim to cater to participants of varying skill levels.

Peter Halberg
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