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Matt McMahon

Bring Out Your Data: Digital Grave Robbing in the 21st Century.


Matt is a technically proficient and business-savvy product manager, cybersecurity officer, professor and speaker. He’s held senior roles at three Fortune 500 companies, academia as well as a growth startup. He is passionate about teaching cybersecurity concepts to technical and non-technical audiences alike. He developed two graduate courses in cybersecurity & healthcare at Salve Regina University where he currently teaches. Matt co-chairs the Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council’s Cyber Workforce Development and Model Contracts Working Groups and regularly delivers talks, training's and workshops to a wide array of audiences.


As cybersecurity professionals we do everything we’re supposed to to protect our identities and private data while we’re alive but what happens after we die?  After you’re dead you exist on paper for some time while your estate is settled, and this opens the door for fraudsters to digitally pillage your grave.  This lecture will cover the OSINT and social engineering techniques fraudsters use to steal an identity, commit voter fraud, file fraudulent tax returns and open lines of credit with free, publicly available information from obituaries and online repositories.  We’ll also cover the likely suspects (family and professional caregivers) as well as things you can do to protect you and your family.  While the digital age introduces new tools and techniques the talk will show that today’s methods aren’t all that technologically advanced and bare a strong resemblance to historical grave robbers and “ghosting” techniques employed by groups like the Weather Underground in the 1960’s to steal identities with little more than the information gathered from tombstones and the local paper.

Matt McMahon
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