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Caleb Davis

We made a badge and you should too!


Caleb Davis is a founding member of the Cybersecurity organization, SolaSec. Caleb operates out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Tyler. He is an inventor/patent holder and has a background in embedded hardware/software development. He leads a team of experts that regularly perform penetration testing across a wide variety of products including medical devices, ATMs, chemical control systems, security solutions, and other commercial products. Additionally, Caleb has a passion for integrating security into the product development life cycle and has helped several organizations in their approach to shifting left.  


Hey there, fellow BSidesPR enthusiasts! This year, we dove headfirst into the exciting world of badge creation, and boy, did we have a blast every step of the way! Now, we want to share that joy with all of you and inspire you to jump into the badge-making frenzy yourselves.

Join us for a wild ride as we explore the ins and outs of badge development. We'll dish out all the juicy details on how to get started, tackle those pesky design challenges, and turn your wildest badge dreams into reality. And trust us, it's not just about making something cool – it's about learning how to break and secure things like a pro.

From brainstorming sessions to prototype testing, we'll walk you through our own badge-making escapades, giving you all the tips and tricks you need to kickstart your own DIY badge revolution. So, grab your soldering iron and let's make some magic happen together at BSidesPR! Who knows, your badge might just steal the show next year! 🎉✨


Hack Your BSidesPR Badge: A hands on demonstration of the various methods that can be used to hack your electronic BSidesPR badge. We will be demonstrating the tools and techniques to attack a low-level device like a badge. Including modifying firmware on target via standard programming interfaces and reverse engineering a "cereal" interface.

Caleb Davis
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