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Dr. Fatou Sankare

The Dark Side of AI: Unveiling Ethical Dilemmas


Dr. Fatou Sankare graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Howard University and received her Master of Science in Cybersecurity at Fordham University. Fatou Sankare received her Doctorate of Science in Cybersecurity at Marymount University.  Currently, Fatou is working as a Cyber Engineer. She is also an adjunct professor. Fatou is also the founder of Datacation LLC — with a mission to increase cyber education particularly in underestimated communities. Fatou is a Certified Ethical Hacker and currently holds the AWS Machine Learning Specialty Certification. 


In this thought-provoking talk, I will embark on a journey into the intricate web of ethical dilemmas and the dark side of artificial intelligence (AI). As we marvel at the advancements and capabilities of AI, it becomes imperative to scrutinize the shadows it casts on our ethical landscape. From biased algorithms perpetuating societal inequalities to the looming threat of job displacement, we navigate through the multifaceted challenges that arise from the relentless progress of AI. Delving into real-world scenarios and case studies, we confront the ethical conundrums that emerge when machines make decisions that impact human lives. As we peel back the layers, we explore the nuanced issues of privacy invasion, algorithmic bias, and the potential misuse of powerful AI technologies. This exploration compels us to question not only the capabilities of AI but also the responsibility that comes with wielding such technological prowess. Ultimately, this talk serves as a call to action, urging us to critically examine the path we tread in the realm of AI development. By shedding light on the ethical complexities and potential pitfalls, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between technological innovation and ethical responsibility. Join us in unraveling the moral fabric woven into the very code of artificial intelligence, as we navigate the uncharted territories of its ethical dilemmas and dark corners.

Dr. Fatou Sankare
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